What Does the term “Content Is King” in Content Marketing mean?

What is content? In simple terms the word means information produced and directed at an end-user or audience in the sectors of publishing, art, and communication. Therefore, content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, inspire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content Marketing is a digital marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. More important than understanding what content marketing is, is understanding why content marketing is important to your business. The content you post on social media has the power to turn your brand into a household name and turn your followers into fans. This kind of impact only comes from having a solid social media content strategy. Email is the perfect platform to start expanding your content marketing efforts. Working hand-in-hand, your content marketing and email campaigns can fuel each other, increase sharing, and expand your reach.


The ultimate goal is to drive customers to take a positive action towards the brand. Content is shared by brands using different types of digital marketing such as social media marketing, and traditional marketing sometimes. In most cases Content Marketing itself. We will further discuss how content is king by playing a key role in achieving a successful digital marketing campaign that helps business thrive. Every brand requires a unique content strategy to reach their specific goals. Startup companies that have invested in content marketing are more likely to increase brand awareness faster than startups that don’t have content to share with the audience. Some companies want more exposure and brand recognition, some want to make their company appealing to investors, and still, others want to get right down to selling products. Content marketing taps into the first two stages of the buying process by raising awareness of solutions and educating consumers about a productor services they may have never considered before.


Imagine information being passed on to the wrong audience? Worst nightmare for any business. Content Marketing can be both push and pull marketing. There is content created to be pushed into the marketing for the audience to engage with it. Quality content is perpetual and it drives a positive consumer behavior or actions towards the brand. You can tell if a piece of content is the sort that could be part of a content marketing campaign if people seek it out, if people want to consume it, rather than avoiding it. However, Good content attracts the target audience without the brand making it seem like they are advertising. Nowadays, people tend to have a negative attitude towards the advertisement pushed at them, which leads them not to capture the message even when the media is right. But with content marketing the audience is able to find entertaining and appealing content that matches with consumers interest. The message will be received passively and sometimes actively by the end-users. Thus, very good for brand awareness and consideration. A typical example are movies for popular video games that have a mimic storyline from the Game. E.g Halo, Need For Speed, Resident Evil and Angry Birds.This is a cost-effective way of marketing.”The return on investment for content marketing can be phenomenal if executed correctly. We haven’t spent a dime on our own content marketing, or even that much time.” Josh Steimle, a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur from Hong Kong wrote in a Forbes article, saying “95% of the success we’ve experienced with content marketing can be traced to a handful of articles I’ve written.If you’re not sure how you can add value through content marketing, ask your existing customers what kind of content you can produce


Content for Social Media Marketin


Your success on social media entirely depends on the success of the content you post. Use integrated social media marketing to have high ROI (Return On Investment) on content marketing. If you want your brand to stand out on social media, marketers must identify specific goals, create valuable posts that align with those goals, and distribute content on the right platforms.The content that is shared on your social media platforms must be informative, educative and entertaining to the audience for them to have a positive engagement with it. Producing content is sometimes expensive to small business owners and Social Media Marketing Plan that includes all the (3) three key aspects is likely to perform better with high average engagement rate from the audience. When you are using Bootstrap marketing brands wouldn't want to lose any pennies spent on making content to go to waste. Thus, making content which is informative, educative and entertaining will serve both your brand and your audience. Afterwards, conduct a social media content audit on the content you’ve created so far. Look at which posts performed well, which ones didn’t and what you posted on each platform.


Content for Email Marketing 


Email content is any message sent to a subscriber, customer or prospect inbox on a personal basis or by using a comprehensive email builder or automation platform.Email is the perfect platform to start expanding your content marketing efforts. Working hand-in-hand, your content marketing and email campaigns can fuel each other, increase sharing, and expand your reach. According to research, segmented emails deliver 76% more revenue than traditional campaigns.


“Quality over quantity. Emails may be cost-efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience.” – Benjamin Murray


By segmenting your list, you can provide readers with extremely relevant blog posts, products, and other content most likely to resonate with them. Here’s something to keep in mind if you want to up the customer response rate from emails.The more relevant your content is, the better the response. Step into the mindset of your subscribers, where they are in their customer journey, and make sure to consider the broader cultural narrative.


Important Content Marketing Metrics


Digital marketing allows marketers to track a lot more metrics to measure the success of their efforts. Good content attracts the target audience without the brand making it seem like they are advertising. So you expect the right audience to engage with the content material put on different platforms and media. However, here is a way to take note of the important simple analytical KPIs (Key Pointer Indicators) for your content:


  • Page Traffic – You might have written the perfect content but if no one sees it you will have no actual ROI;
  • Number Of Visitors – You might have some visitors on your page but riddle us this: How long do they actually stay on it? How did they even find it? Or, how many of them are new or repeat traffic?;
  • Number Of Shares – The number of times your visitors share your content on their social profiles is a clear indicator of the value they found in it;
  • Number Of Comments – Valuable, engaging content makes people willing to share their thoughts. But, when they do – make sure you are not only collecting comments but also responding to them; and,
  • Engagement –  Visitors clicking from one page to another (for example, from your blog to your products/services page) is a clear indication that the content you’ve provided delivers tangible results.

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Written By: Mambwe Phiri